Lynn Bartrum
Certified Life Coach and Energy Practitioner
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You may opt for a single session or a series.  Sessions take place either in person, telephone, or Skype and last between 45 and 60 minutes each.  When you choose a series of sessions, well typically meet once a week, but frequency can vary depending on your needs and goals.
Single session Coaching - $100:
A single session is helpful when you wish to receive support preparing for a job interview, want to consider an important life decision, or want to further explore the benefits of life coaching.
Four session Coaching package - $380 (a 5% discount):
Committing to four sessions allows you to explore what is working for you, discover what challenges you may encounter, and obtain more tools to assist you on your transformational journey.
Twelve session Coaching package - $1,080 (a 10% discount):
This commitment provides support, structure, allows us to look at life balance, and set priorities. We review progress to capitalize on what is working and find new strategies for challenges.
Single in-person energy healing session - $75
Payment for in-person, single coaching or energy healing sessions is expected at the time services are rendered.  I accept cash, check, or credit card via Square.   Payment for telephone, Skype, or discounted package sessions is made in advance through a PayPal invoice I email to you.   Contact Me for questions, more information, or to schedule your session.