Lynn Bartrum
Certified Life Coach and Energy Practitioner
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About Me

As a CPA, my goal was to educate and empower my clients.  Every business owner is an expert in his or her field, but many feel inadequate to deal with the financial details so essential to their success.  I believe the same is true of us as human beings.  We're the experts on ourselves, but we are not quite sure how to carry out the business of creating our lives.  I was once there too.
The one aspect of my accounting work that did resonate with me was helping others achieve their dreams.  I loved helping business owners envision their successful futures, and I was great at problem-solving and creative thinking.  Those tasks drew on the subjects that helped me see the big picture and that continue to inspire me and make me feel alive: philosophy, psychology, ethics, logic, comparative religions, art, and music—all those fields that get at the core of what really motivates human beings.
Through years of diligent seeking, voracious reading, and personal development, I was able to get clarity about the life I wanted for myself and how to create it.   And after several more years of education in coaching, personal development, and energy techniques, I remain committed to the philosophy of self-empowerment.
Today, I’m very glad I made my leap of faith.  I’m grateful for the journey that brought me to where I am now.  I love my life and I want the same for you.  What’s more, I know that if I—a former CPA who too often let my desire for stability and other people’s approval make my decisions—can achieve my most authentic and joyful life, so can you.  Now my goal is to help others navigate the process and begin living the life of their dreams.
Relevant Training
School of Healing Arts at The Estuary, Fall 2014-Spring 2017
Graduate of the Healing Science Training Program and the Kabbalistic Healing Training Program
Ordained Minister, Pastoral Counselor
Association for Psychological Type International
Coaching using Multiple Models, May - August 2016
Deborah King Center
Certified LifeForce Coach training, July 2012
Certified LifeForce Energy Healer training and apprenticeship, February 2010 - December 2013
Quantum Success Coaching Academy, October 2011-December 2012
Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach training
Various other self-development and healing workshops:
Jo Dunning - QuickPulse Practitioner training
Peter Calhoun - Shamanic Training
Jean Houston - Awakening to Your Life Purpose
Deborah King - Akashic Record Specialist, Certified Spirit Guide, Seeking the Light, Power of Prayer
Doreen Virtue - Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner
Anita Moorjani - Dying to Be Me
Bill Bauman - Embracing the Christ Within
Eva Gregory - Soaring with Spirit